Connaught Quarter is the very first eco-neighbourhood in Outaouais. Extending over more than 70 acres on the site of the former Connaught Park Racetrack (later known as the Hippodrome d’Aylmer), it brings together a pleasing combination of residential spaces, green spaces and community spaces.

Ideally situated just 4 km from the centre of Aylmer and a stone's throw from Ottawa, the area is surrounded by parks, bicycle paths and golf courses. It also provides easy access to public transportation, notably at Rivermead Park-and-Ride, the largest incentive parking area in Gatineau's west end.

This environmentally responsible residential project under development in Gatineau features a variety of models of single-family and semi-detached homes, townhouses and condominiums designed to respect the environment and with the comfort and health of residents in mind.

Connaught Quarter, a community that meets your needs!

What is an eco-neighbourhood?

There are many definitions of an eco-neighbourhood depending on where you live, but generally speaking, an eco-neighbourhood is designed and developed with respect for the environment and the needs of its residents. By providing business, community and transportation services, it encourages active living, improves community life and fosters socialization.

The community area of Connaught Quarter will bring together public services and spaces, such as an elementary school, a day-care centre and various nearby businesses (e.g. a bank, pharmacy, bakery, butcher's shop, dry cleaner, corner store, cafes, etc.), making it a vibrant district that reduces the distance and need to travel by car.

Moreover, the neighbourhood is surrounded by green spaces, walking trails and bicycle paths, and located next to Rivermead Park-and-Ride.

Finally, the homes in this eco-project are constructed primarily from local, eco-friendly and healthy materials. They meet the criteria established by Les Habitations Bouladier for environmental responsibility, which affect every aspect of construction from the foundation and basement to the framing, floor coverings, interior finish, building mechanicals and exterior finish.

Therefore, the design of Connaught Quarter is based on a global approach that integrates the following themes:

Community: an outstanding quality of life in a sustainable and engaged community

40 % of the site is allocated for community, public, and recreational use and can accommodate:

  • Parks and green spaces
  • A school and a day-care centre
  • A community centre

Urban planning that focuses on residents and green spaces

  • Nearby services at the entrance to the neighbourhood
  •  Narrower streets
  • Preservation of natural spaces (streams, riparian buffers, etc.) 

Transportation and mobility: diversified transportation infrastructure and modes to foster sustainable mobility

  • Spaces for pedestrians and cyclists (sidewalks, walking trails, bicycle paths)
  • Outlets for recharging electric vehicles
  • Easy access to Rivermead Park-and-Ride
  • Reduction of vehicle traffic due to public transportation and nearby services

Energy: carefully designed, energy efficient buildings

  • Passive solar design to generate energy savings
  • Solar-panel ready buildings
  • Novoclimat 2.0 certification
  • LEED® certification if desired by the owners (all single-family homes are certifiable)
  • Savings of more than 20 %on energy bills
  • Public lighting using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to save energy and promote the feeling of safety while avoiding light pollution

Effective management of rainwater and drinking water

  • Low-flow shower heads, taps and toilets
  • Recovery and reuse of rainwater
  • Drainage and redirection of runoff waters

Environmentally responsible building materials

  • Local materials (lumber, masonry products, finishing wood)
  • Use of concrete with recycled cement content
  • Insulation with recycled materials content
  • Optimal use of wood (structures, exterior coverings, floors, etc.)
  • Exterior coverings: no vinyl
  • VOC-free paints

Effective waste management

  • Easy sorting, storage and recycling of waste, in kitchens and buildings, indoors and outdoors

Environmentally responsible construction

Designed with the health of occupants, respect for the environment and energy efficiency in mind, the environmentally responsible homes in Connaught Quarter feature the quality construction that has built the reputation of Les Habitations Bouladier.

Novoclimat 2.0 certification

Always on the cutting edge, concerned about the performance of its homes, the comfort of its clients and protection of the environment, Les Habitations Bouladier was the first builder in the region to obtain Novoclimat 2.0 certification from the Bureau de normalisation du Québec for residential construction.

It is estimated that Novoclimat 2.0 approved homes generate savings of 20 % in energy costs over homes built in accordance with Quebec's new building code (Code de construction du Québec). These homes are inspected, tested and delivered with government certification of their superiority in energy efficiency. They guarantee greater comfort for their occupants and provide significant improvements in indoor air quality. For more information on the Novoclimat 2.0 standards and criteria, visit the Énergie et Ressources naturelles Québec website.

LEED certification

All Connaught Quarter homes can obtain LEED certification.
Sustainable buildings that meet the LEED certification criteria create healthier environments for their occupants through such features as better ventilation and a greater abundance of natural lighting. Moreover, they produce less waste, are more energy and water efficient and stimulate innovation.

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